All we want to do is dream of the whole kit and Caboodle

Last week I cut through the parking deck on my way across town. As I emerged out onto Court Ave., I was caught off guard first by the brightness of the lunch hour and, secondly, by the brightness of the music streaming from the corner of Second St.

I had unknowingly emerged in the midst of a performance by artist duo, Caboodle.

[mp3player width=500 height=400 config=caboodle.xml playlist=caboodle.xml]

I guess I was caught off guard because it was the middle of the day, and there was no event happening in the vicinity. In fact, my small contingent was all but alone on the street. But there they were. Su Nimon and Jeff Kiko-Cozy, each very talented Canton artists in their own rights, were belting it out like there was a crowd of hundreds eager for their pleasing, easy melodies.

As you listen to the steady stream of familiar songs like Stand By Me and All I Have to Do is Dream, you’ll find that the familiar fades, replaced by re-imagined, inspired harmonies. Jeff describes the duo as a couple of “front porch players,” and that’s exactly what you’ll feel like doing – pulling up a chair and humming along with this entertaining twosome.

If folk music is new for you, I hope you’ll come to appreciate it as I have. There is something magical about  the rich history of musical folklore; story told through song. That’s how I think of Su and Jeff as they tell these tales by word-of mouth.  Jeff and Su’s  music is catchy and melodic, but it has in it as much of the magic of storytelling as it does the semblance of song.

It’s exciting that we have named our first musical hearted artists, and I encourage more musicians to submit portfolios to the site – we’ll even build you a custom music player for your sample tracks!

Su and Jeff have a variety of events coming up in the Canton area – stop out and see them, or book them yourselves!

Check out more of Caboodle’s work on their website, or click over to their permanent Hearted-Artist gallery.

Please let us know what YOU think about Caboodle’s music by leaving a comment below, and by rating their portfolioCome back next week – same time, same place – to check out our next hearted artist!


P.S. You’ll never be cool like Caboodle if you don’t submit your artist portfolio! And if you’ve already submitted, we’ll be picking another hearted artist next week – it might just be you!

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7 Responses to All we want to do is dream of the whole kit and Caboodle

  1. Michele Waalkes says:

    Congrats Su & Jeff!! Way to go!

  2. Lynn Digby says:

    How cool is this? Yay! Congratualtions, Su and Jeff!

  3. Doug Bennett says:

    Touche Lynn. It’s very cool! Congrats to Caboodle!

  4. Carl & Lil says:

    Congratulations – Well deserved – great music

  5. Paul Digby says:

    Multi-talented folk indeed!

  6. I love Jeff and Su! Such talent and great fabulous personalities. Beautiful inside and out and their harmony and magic makes you feel alive and … Beautiful! Congrats :)

  7. Joe Martino says:

    Congrats….thanks for your talent and friendship…looking forward to seeing you and hearing your music again soon

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