Michele Waalkes illustrates that ‘the whole is truly more than a sum of its parts’

Beautiful works of art exist all around us. We see them painted on canvas, drawn or developed of paper, formed from clay. Mixed media artists think beyond the trappings of a delivery mechanism. They have to, they can’t help it.

Fiber artist Michele Waalkes is a master media manipulator. She thinks ahead of the confines of rigid and permanent surfaces and into flowing, stretchable and fluid fabric, and she bends the medium to her will seamlessly.


Michele discards what she calls the “humble beginnings” of  the fabric itself. She lets the fiber be at once canvas and brush. The result is that her dimensionally salient work on fabric achieves for the images what the canvas and the paper cannot.

Best of all, the juxtaposition of her work never seems forced. Michele never sacrifices one element or image for another, even when the imagery seems unrelated at first look. On the contrary, all of the elements cling and intertwine steadfastly with one another. As a result, the final union brings a harmony that could never be accomplished should the images have been left to their own devices. In Indecisive, the weathervane and the stairs each tell singular tales of expectation, of direction and of trepidation. United in “indecision” the story broadens, deepens. It’s nice to see someone proving Aristotle right with so much conviction.

The lack of sacrifice in Michele’s artistic endeavors contrasts nicely with her willingness to sacrifice time to ensure that her fellow artists each have their day in the sun. As curator of 2nd April galerie, Michele is part of an ever-expanding contingent of Canton artists and Stark County artists who collaborate to bring creativity to our community.

Check out more of Michele’s work on her website, or click over to her permanent Hearted-Artist gallery.

Please let us know what YOU think about Michele’s work by leaving a comment below, and by rating her portfolioCome back next week – same time, same place – to check out our next hearted artist!


P.S. You’ll never be cool like Michele if you don’t submit your artist portfolio! And if you’ve already submitted, we’ll be picking another hearted artist next week – it might just be you!

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6 Responses to Michele Waalkes illustrates that ‘the whole is truly more than a sum of its parts’

  1. Doug Bennett says:

    Congrats Michele … I’ve always admired your work.

  2. Michelle Mulligan says:

    Good for you, Michele! Your work is in a class all its own.

  3. su nimon says:

    Congratulations Michele. Love you, love your work.

  4. brennis says:

    Congratulations Michele! A truly classy and talented artist as well as an amazing friend! All the best!

  5. Lynn Digby says:

    Michelle! Congratulations! I heart you too!

  6. Jane Visser says:

    Michelle–How very talented you are! Awesome! Please consider entering GR’s art contest if they have it next year–Love Aunt Jane

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