Adorn yourself with Elizabeth Jacob’s vintage baubles

It’s rare to have a spare moment to enjoy a simple pleasure today. As much as the rapid advancement of technology has benefited us as a people, sometimes I feel a tug of nostalgia, the lingering glaze of the past coating my view.

Sometimes I want to resurrect antiquity. Sometimes I want to wrap it around my wrist. The affordable work of Canton jewelry designer Elizabeth Jacob affords me both luxuries.


Elizabeth’s jewelry, created under the flag of Yellow Finch Designs, is supremely modern and divinely throwback, and her work is as meticulous as it is free form. Elizabeth understands the world her wearer wanders, the fast-paced flurry of life for the modern woman, and her understanding shows.

From vintage buttons and discarded embellishments of a bygone era, Elizabeth crafts unique pieces that are wearable while maintaining the delicate artistic soul of each piece.

And now for something really unique – first and foremost a lover of language, each of Elizabeth’s pieces comes with a clever poem or clip of prose. Poetic baubles for your baubles, if you will.

From her piece, Willow:

her arms stretch above
embracing the wind
capturing translucence
pushing through something
that never existed

Find a piece that speaks to you online, complete with lyrical accoutrements.

Check out more of Elizabeth’s work on her website, or click over to her permanent Hearted-Artist gallery.

Please let us know what YOU think about Elizabeth’s work by leaving a comment below, and by rating her portfolioCome back next week – same time, same place – to check out our next hearted artist!


P.S. You’ll never be cool like Elizabeth if you don’t submit your artist portfolio! And if you’ve already submitted, we’ll be picking another hearted artist next week – it might just be you!

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  1. Doug Bennett says:

    Beautiful jewelry! Congrats Elizabeth.

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