Color beats like a heart robbed of chest in Christopher Triner’s work

Whether brazenly wielded, or gently flecked with care upon a canvas, color is what conveys the depth of a painting’s character. Color is a storyteller that revels at once in contrast, complement, chaos and cadence, neither initiating life nor squelching it outright.

Color beats like a heart robbed of chest in the work of North Canton artist, Christopher Triner.


We open on a city bursting with an emphatic pulse. Grit and beauty thrumming together, mesmerizing in the dark…

The scene changes, exposes a richly dappled valley, with limbs reaching, no, tearing toward the sky with unknown urgency…

The scene changes, reveals a windswept field at autumn’s ascent. Blades rustling cautiously in unison…

The scene changes, unveils soft spoken blossoms, lolling in the hazy morning rays, just now waking.

Christopher’s work is a series of scenes – eager, desperate, anxious, and wistful moving pictures. Scenes locked in time with all the theatrics of a good long story.

Christopher teaches visual art for Hoover High School in North Canton. I think you’ll agree – our students are in good hands.

For more about Christopher, click over to his permanent Hearted-Artist gallery.

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8 Responses to Color beats like a heart robbed of chest in Christopher Triner’s work

  1. Doug Bennett says:

    This is some of my favorite work on the site. Love it!

  2. Michele Waalkes says:

    Congrats, Chris! Keep painting!

  3. su nimon says:

    Love your work Chris. Congratulations.

  4. Sara Hodsden says:

    Beautiful pieces, Chris.

  5. Lynn Digby says:

    Congratulations, Chris!

  6. Beautiful Work! I would love to feature you on my blog. Check it out at and let me know if that would be okay.

  7. Grace Fife says:

    Chris, when the kids are grown and we are retired, will you please give painting lessons? I’ll be first in line…

  8. Beautiful work, Chris! I love your abstracts.

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