Stephen McNulty and the dynamic digital zoo

It comes as no surprise that this week’s hearted artist would find beauty in nature. Innumerable artists have found glory in the grace of the world’s creatures.

The difference this week is really quite simple. Conservation photographer Stephen McNulty’s work is literally imbued with benevolence.


In the fleeting moments before the eagle sails over his prey, in the delicate, symbiotic palette of shallow tide pools, and in the resplendent electricity of the tiny frog’s environ, we find no hint of the remoteness of the locales. Instead, there is an intimate and accessible component, a beckoning, voyeur view of magnificent creatures and habitats.

The scenes Stephen shows us from his travels – be it Alaska, the Caribbean or Polynesia – are captured impeccably. They go a long way to replicate the wonder he must have experienced first hand, separated by a single, simple lens.

For more about Stephen, be sure to click over to his permanent Hearted-Artist gallery. You can also see his work in person at Cyrus Art Gallery or The Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, where he is the general manager.

Please let us know what YOU think about Stephen’s work by leaving a comment below, and by rating his portfolio. Come back next week – same time, same place – to check out our next hearted artist!


P.S. You’ll never be cool like Stephen if you don’t submit your artist portfolio! And if you’ve already submitted, we’ll be picking another hearted artist next week – it might just be you!

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4 Responses to Stephen McNulty and the dynamic digital zoo

  1. Janie Pavlek says:

    Absolutely stunning images – congrats Stephen!

  2. su nimon says:

    Love your work. Can’t wait to see more from this recent trip!

  3. Lynn Digby says:

    Your work is inspiring!

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